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Until we get our questions forum up and running, if you’ve got insurance questions you want answered, no strings attached, click for our CONTACT US page and submit your question. I’ll answer it in the blog here within a few days (or maybe hours).


The Insurance Nerd – our story

Welcome to The Insurance Nerd Blog. Here, we’ll dive into all kinds of insurance topics. We’re going to start with posts mostly about some of the most frequently asked questions about insurance and related topics. We’ll do our best to be timely and accurate, but this is a blog, not a legal brief. It’s intended to help bring up basic topics and explain them in easily understood terms and as concisely as possible.


But to start with, here’s a quick, “how we got here” for McGinniss Himmel Insurance.


In early 2009 we, Michael Himmel and Allen McGinniss, had spent several years working at a captive insurance agency in town. With major insurance companies leaving Florida and the home insurance market in turmoil, we saw a need going unfulfilled. So we decided to opened branch of the VanAllen Insurance Agency with the goal of helping guide homeowners to the right company and right coverage’s.


We started in June of 2009 with some hand me down desks, two computers, a few used phones, and two clients. Those clients consisted entirely of two very knowledgeable insurance agents… scared completely out of their minds.


Since then, we’ve added an experienced and energetic team member in Kira Meiners, finally gotten rid of those desks, and cultivated a client base which now allows us to stand on our own.


On January 1, 2015 the Tallahassee branch of the VanAllen Insurance Agency officially become the McGinniss Himmel Insurance Agency. We’re all still be here: same agents, same address, same phone number just like before. Only now there is a new sign out front.


We’re really excited. This transition marks a big step for us. It is the first step in allowing us to REALLY focus on what we’ve always wanted to do. Our goal is to protect individuals and families from the unexpected in life through education and appropriate guidance about their insurance needs and options.


Keep checking back. More actual insurance information from the Nerd shortly.

Image by Nick Morrison
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