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Inside Sales, Property & Casualty Insurance Agent (4-40, 20-44, 2-20)
Job Description


Looking for a 100% commission, high pressure, pushy, Glengarry Glen Ross style take-no-prisoners-used-car-salesman type sales position? This isn't for you (sorry used car sales folks). If you're an experienced insurance professional (in personal lines), love taking care of people, understand the sales process, and have the heart of a teacher, keep reading...

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Job Summary

Full time, Salary + Commission + Benefits (Annual salary + commission is $30,000.00 to $70,000.00 per year)

This is a property & casualty inside sales position primarily for home and auto insurance (98%). Most of the time is spent responding to, and closing, quote requests from new prospects and current clients who are asking us for quotes. Contact comes through calls/emails/website/in office traffic, etc. This also means doing the appropriate paperwork for the policies you write. No true cold calling or “smiling & dialing” happens here. It's no fun (actually, it stinks). Besides, so many people call us because they WANT to work with us anyways. 2% of the time may be spent making outbound calls to existing clients to quote additional lines of insurance – as lead volume dictates.

Don't misunderstand, this is a sales position with significant customer service component. You will talk to people...a lot. ALL - DAY - LONG. Primarily you will spend your time either talking to people (referral sources, prospects, and current clients), creating & presenting proposals, discussing coverage options and answering questions, and doing the necessary paperwork to complete applications.

This position has a significant Customer Service feel to it (as needed & appropriate). Not everything we do is purely sales focused - sometimes we're not the right fit. EVERYTHING we do IS focused on taking care of the people we interact with.

Again, the position is measured on:

  1. submission of quality policies that generate new revenue to the agency and

  2. doing the activities necessary to meet the agreed upon goals and expectations for taking care of people.

Compensation package is majority salary plus commissions, team performance bonuses, group health insurance, paid time off, a dress code that says you can wear jeans EVERYDAY, and a great group of people to work with. Depending on the needs, wants, and abilities of the candidate, the ratio of salary to commission can be adjusted to provide more security, or more upside commission potential. A compensation plan is something we want to set up so that you can WIN and do it in a way where you are happy, not stressed, and able to achieve your goals for balance between security and ability to make more money.

Daily Duties / Responsibilities 
  • Respond to incoming quote requests (phone, email, in office, web, etc) by gathering appropriate information on quote sheets & complete & deliver accurate quotes, discuss quotes with focus on coverage (vs price), and complete new business applications for home, auto, rental, boat, & other P&C policies. Follow up on quotes throughout the sales cycle as appropriate

  • Answer high level, difficult, policy and coverage questions including interpretation of policy wording (often with documentation required)

  • Return phone calls, emails, etc in a timely manner and prioritize based on workflow, type of request, referral source, etc.

  • Exceed monthly goals for number of closed policies, leads in, 5 Star reviews, closing ratio & gross revenue

  • Create individual quarterly & annual marketing plans and budgets with revenue & profit projections for your activities

  • Cultivate new and existing referral sources (realtors, mortgage brokers, etc) to generate additional leads when speaking to them on the phone.

  • As lead volume dictates, make outbound calls to existing clients to quote additional lines of insurance.

  • Experience: REQUIRED 1+ years in insurance agency or insurance company customer service/sales with heavy client interaction. (we're not a huge shop, so we're not yet able to train from the ground up - please do not apply without 1 full year of experience)

  • Licensing: REQUIRED minimum of 4-40 P&C license & ability to pass the 20-44 or 2-20 General Lines test within 6 months of hire (again, not a huge shop so you need to have a 4-40 at a minimum)

  • Technology: 1 year experience with ALL the following: Personal Computer, Windows OS, Outlook, Word, Adobe, Internet Explorer/Google Chrome (YES, there will be a test)

  • Education: High School Diploma or Equivalent

  • Must be willing to submit to an extensive, in-depth background check as a part of the application process*

* To apply, call our hiring line at 850-895-1900 and leave a message for with your name, contact phone and email information (so we can get you to the next step in our hiring process), and tell us a bit about yourself and why you would be a good addition to our team in this particular role. Go ahead and call even if it's super late, it's just a voicemail....Just don't wake up your spouse.

Keep in mind, our hiring process will include about 5-8 different interviews by phone and in person. This will require some effort from both of us, and usually takes 30 days. We aren’t trying to be bureaucratic or difficult. This is simply because we don’t take just anyone. We’ve got such a fantastic place to work right now, with such an awesome culture, we feel it’s worth that high level of effort to make sure it stays awesome. If you’re needing something immediately, we understand but we also wouldn't be a good fit at this time. However, if you’re ok with that timeline AND that amount of effort, we’d love to meet you.

(This is not an offer of employment. McGinniss Himmel Insurance Agency, LLC is an Equal Opportunity Employer and considers all qualified applicants regardless of race, gender, color, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, veteran status or other classification protected by law.)

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