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Over the past few decades, very clever and ubiquitous advertising has trained consumers to believe setting up your car insurance should take 15 minutes (or even 7.5 now), and all you have to do is ask for “Full Coverage” and look at the price.


…if you’ll buy that, I got some ocean front property in Arizona for you as well…sorry, George, couldn’t resist.


Reality is, an insurance policy is just a contract. A contract that states you’ll trade a certain amount of money (a premium) for certain services and coverages if you have a claim. We’ve all heard someone say, “Don’t sign a contract without having your advisor look it over first.” Well, when you get an auto insurance policy without discussing the coverages, you’re essentially signing a contract without reading it. And depending on the situation, the contract could be worth thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of dollars.


Contact our agency and talk through your coverages with an agent. Let us help you make sure you’ve got what you need.


Here are a few links to some additional information:

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Great video about the typical auto insurance claims process

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