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We understand the closing is important. Hurricane season stinks; inspections are worse. The buyer IS going to fix the issues, but can’t fix anything until they own it. We get it. That’s why we set up our process specifically to get to those issues EARLY and put together a game plan to get your buyer/seller to closing.


We are available to help your buyers navigate the homeowner’s insurance process. If they are still looking for a house, have them call and go through our “Insurance Prequalification,” so they can see what factors about them may impact their insurance regardless of the property they pick. If they have one under contract, have them call and go through our detailed home quote questionnaire so we can get to work on their situation and contact them about the best next steps based on their exact timeline and situation.


Representing a seller? Get an insurance assessment of what your seller should expect about their property when selling. Call and an experienced Agent will talk with you about the property and situation so you can set the correct expectation for your seller. We may be able to help save you hours of time and frustration later.


How do our Prequalification and insurance assessments work? We ask questions about the property and situation in order to address any likely hurdles or roadblocks your buyer/seller may face with insurance for that property. We’ll also discuss strategies for overcoming those issues such as negotiating certain repairs prior to closing, or how to get the insurance in place for closing and fix it afterwards when possible. Having a game plan in place BEFORE the sale begins, and certainly before the 15 day period ends, is critical. Not taking this simple step could cost your client time, money, or even potentially torpedo the entire deal.

Call or Text us today at 850-329-6996 and we’ll help get you taken care of.

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