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Take care of people; do it profitably.

Taking care of people is our North Star. It’s how we set our compass. It’s where we are always headed. Our guardrails are profitability. Profit allows us to continue to take care of people long into the future. Understand and write our target market. Kindly point others to where their needs can be best served and give guidance when you can.    

Communicate clearly, openly, and kindly.

Please & thank you go a long way; so does humor when you can. Asking someone to help do something is superior to telling them what to do. Ask questions to improve our dialogue and get better answers. Bring up issues early and often because they’re still issues even if you don’t bring them up. Be intentional about what you say and what message you are trying to communicate. Remember to speak on the “radio frequency” WIIFM, the one other people hear is “What’s in it for me” WII FM). Be mindful of how the other person communicates best, what is their “profile” (disc/personality/communication profile) in order to communicate more effectively so they hear and understand what you are intending.

Above the line attitude; positive whenever possible.

Personal responsibility. Gratitude. We Look for the good. Don’t take ourselves too seriously.  We see problems as opportunities for growth.

Team centered culture (community).

Life is messy. If someone is out and they’re not on vacation, they need your help, and it’s likely family related. If someone’s out, our first instinct is trying to help. Family is one of the highest possible priorities. We want to do whatever we can to make sure our teammates can focus on what they are dealing with, not be distracted by work.

Evolve or die.

We question processes all the time so that we can take care of more people (don’t take it personally; we’re not questioning you). If we aren’t growing, we’re dying.

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